"Amazing Allergy Office!"

"My daughter just started immunotherapy at Dr. Shah’s office (August 2013). The office had been recommended by several different sources but I was not prepared for how amazing the office really is. Every single person that I have come into contact with has been genuinely sweet,kind, empathetic and helpful (humorous as well, which is always a bonus). This statement applies to every member of the office staff (front desk, nurses, technicians, Janet (Nurse Practitioner) and Dr.Shah. I am thrilled that I decided to make the commitment to immunotherapy for my daughter because they make it a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Thank you and keep up the good work!." by MM

"Amazing Story!"

"Everyone at Dr. Shah’s office has been amazing in helping make my son more comfortable. He has horrific eczema at 4 months of age and was up all night long with horrible stomach issue’s, after our first visit at the Center 4 Asthma and Allergy his eczema was gone after 24 hours and has only had minor flare ups here and there and he slept 5 hours the first night on the new formula they prescribed. We had some issues with the insurance company covering it and his staffed worked hard and fast for him and they got everything taken care of! Highly recommend this office to anyone with Allergy problems!." by RS for CS

"Amazing Allergy Care!"

"Going to the allergist has been one of the greatest decisions of my life. I’ve been a lifelong sufferer of Asthma but didn’t realize that my allergies contributed to my asthma. Within one visit; there was a plan of action, change in medications and immediate improvement in my breathing. After treatments all my allergy symptoms have disappeared and I am only in need of booster shots periodically to stay allergy free!

I can’t say enough positive things about the entire staff and my experience at this facility. I actually miss going – they are like family to me.

If you are even reading this and debating, stop and make the appointment. You will not regret the results." by MF

"Allergy Shots made me smarter!"

"Back in the 60's my father was transfered from the Midwest to the Northwest to take a job in the Allergy business. My 4th grade teacher recognized early on that I had some learning disabilities, she promptly placed me in several special education or remedial classes. After six months in these special education classes she was alarmed with my lack of progress. She called my mother and told her that I was either mentally retarded or I had a health problem. My three younger brothers had already been placed on allergy shots and medications. The reason my parents hadn't suspected allergy problems was that I didn't complain of having health issues. My mother took me to an allergist and learned that I was the most allergic member of the family. After six months on Allergy shots, my 4th grade pulled me out of all the special education classes, because I was teaching my fellow students, winning all the prizes, and blowing the grading curve for each of  my classes. I like to tell others that Immunotherapy (Allergy shots) made me smarter !" by JL

"Allergy Shots made a huge difference in my son’s life! "

" I want to take this opportunity to share with others who suffer from allergies the difference that allergy shots have made for my son. This spring will be two years since he began with allergy shots and the quality of his life has increased beyond measure. Two years ago ,when there was a high allergen count or if my son had been exposed to a cat or dog he would literally be swollen to the point where he was unrecognizable and he would not be able to leave the house for days at a time.
Almost two years later, I take him for long play dates at his friend’s house where there are 4 cats and 3 dogs and he leaves there feeling just fine. He plays outside all spring long and barely has a reaction. I can’t thank Dr. Shah enough for all that he’s done for my son. !"
– For NB

"Amazing Allergy Shots!"

Before I started my allergy shots I was suffering greatly, coughing, sneezing, post nasal drip every day. It was awful. I have had allergy shots for over a year and it is amazing. I live on Long Island and this year 2013 is one of the worst years for allergy sufferers. I have had minimal allergy episodes and I contribute it all to the shots. See an allergist. It is worth the trip. !" – by PD

"My Special Blessings!"

"All my life I had suffered from various allergies ranging from outdoor (tree, grass, pollen etc) to indoor (dust mites, dogs, cats). All year round I would suffer from extremely runny nose, non-stop sneezing and itchy/watery eyes. I tried Claritin, Allegra, Benadryl and Zyrtec among others with none of them seeming to help at all. My wife and I finally decided to try an allergist and allergy shots. After doing some research and finding many reviews raving of Dr. Atul Shah we decided to try it out. It seemed like the results happened after my very first shot! It’s been almost a year since I started the shots and I’ve had only 2 days of bad allergies! And both times were nothing compared to the way I used to react. I truly feel like a new person in regards to allergies! Whereas in the past I would never be able to play on the carpet with my sons, or get my face even close to a dog or just enjoy a walk outdoors during pollen season, now I can do all those things without fear of having an allergy attack! I thank and praise Jesus for Dr. Shah, his talents and his entire staff." by JT

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